Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Drew turned 11

His new fishing pole

he was so nice to make me a list.......

One of my favorite picts of him as a baby

His very special shark pinata that Steve made for his 5th B'day

In my tummy

My Drew turned 11 last week, how can that be?!? We had some of his best friends sleep over in the tent in the backyard. They had so much fun-I love that he still gets excited about capguns and star wars. He has been such a blessing to us since he was born. Not that we haven't had our challenges; but there is something about him that is so endearing. He reminds of my brother in so many ways ,but one of the biggest ways is that he is such a people magnet and gets along with so many personality types. Thank you, Lord, for this precious boy you gave us to take care of.


tara said...

What a fun memory walk of Drew! That is so sweet! I love his list..."gift card to..." That is great! I can't believe he is 11, that means I have known you for 11 years...I met you when he was a baby!

tara said...

I am cracking up. Stephen just walked up and saw the picture of Andrew hanging from the clothes line and said "That wouldn't be fun..." and he had the most concerned look on his face! Too cute.