Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So I may have gotten carried away.....

  1. This past Christmas I decided for the kids it would be the year of Playmobil-they have a little sentimental value because Steve used to play with them when he lived in Germany. They're my absolute favorite toy for kids age 3-10. That's another reason I love them; even though they're a little pricey, four of my kids are able to play with them for many years so it's well worth money. Well, the funny part is how overboard I went, (although I do have to say that some were bought by my parents.) By the time the kids were done unwrapping gifts Steve and I just looked at each other in amazement at how much playmobil we had got. I was trying to be wise and frugal but I still went a little crazy. So, here are some picts of our playmobil toys; I highly recommend them.
Numbered List

The Forest Lodge

Luke loves his French gardener

Lukie's Floral Shop-I couldn't resist because of his love of gardening.

The kids say this is Steve and I (notice the bunny ears behind my head.)
This is just a small sampling of how much we have.......

Dancing bottoms and Mysteries

Olivia and I have a little ritual at bedtime. I have to scratch her back while singing "You are My Sunshine." Tonight while I was singing and scratching her back she started wiggling her rear a little; then she said, "Look mommy, my bottom's dancing." I thought that was too cute. Another funny thing that I wanted to jot down was something Andrew said recently. We were talking about why he has to study subjects like History and Science so much in school. And I of course was doing my best to explain why, but then he said "Why can't some things just remain a mystery? Do we really need to know EVERYTHING." He's very content with Science and History being a mystery and thinks others should feel the same way. For some reason that tickled me.