Thursday, July 9, 2009

Luke's Green Thumb part 2 -The Garden

I'm easing back into blogging. I love doing it so much but have been feeling pretty yucky lately so everything has kind of been on hold. I wanted to get some pictures posted of Lukie's garden. We've been taking pictures everyweek to see the growth. He and Steve worked a whole day in the heat to prepare the soil and get everything ready. (Luke actually passed up a chance to go swimming with cousins to stay home and work.) We took down our old swingset and gave hime that whole area for a garden. I'm so proud of him and grateful to God for the unique way that He made him. I remember in the weeks after he was born I would just stare at him and I would look into his eyes and I vividly remember thinking "there is going to be something special about this boy."