Saturday, September 13, 2008

Luke and Megan

Mary and I have talked often of how blessed we feel with the special relationship that God has given Luke and Megan. They are 5 weeks apart (and I think two feet, too) and they are as close as can be. The best thing is they are so content just hanging out together and playing with their Playmobil sets, gardening, playing on Webkinz and many other things. I can't think of one time they have argued or fought. Just one of the many reasons I feel "overlyblessed."


Mary said...

This is such a great shot of them. I love how much fun they have together.

tara said...

What a cute picture! They really do have a special relationship! I love it!

Our Family said...

Stef, I love reading your blog and seeing your precious kids. We miss you guys!!