Saturday, September 20, 2008

"I say night night to boys, mommy!"

Every night when we get Livy ready for bed she goes through this whole routine where she has to give the boys a hug and kiss goodnight. If we dare try to put her to bed before she does this she says over and over, "I say night night to boys, mommy!" It's so precious, I can't stand it!!

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JR said...

Very cute. Faye does the same thing sometimes, and I love it how she calls them "boys!", or "brothers!" When she wants their attention. I bet Livvy is spoiled rotten from her older siblings. Faye calls herself "Princess", which she learned from her brothers, I try to tame the beast by teaching her to call herself God's princess, a daughter of the king. :-) It is pretty funny when she says it.