Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So I may have gotten carried away.....

  1. This past Christmas I decided for the kids it would be the year of Playmobil-they have a little sentimental value because Steve used to play with them when he lived in Germany. They're my absolute favorite toy for kids age 3-10. That's another reason I love them; even though they're a little pricey, four of my kids are able to play with them for many years so it's well worth money. Well, the funny part is how overboard I went, (although I do have to say that some were bought by my parents.) By the time the kids were done unwrapping gifts Steve and I just looked at each other in amazement at how much playmobil we had got. I was trying to be wise and frugal but I still went a little crazy. So, here are some picts of our playmobil toys; I highly recommend them.
Numbered List

The Forest Lodge

Luke loves his French gardener

Lukie's Floral Shop-I couldn't resist because of his love of gardening.

The kids say this is Steve and I (notice the bunny ears behind my head.)
This is just a small sampling of how much we have.......


tara said...

Oh, we LOVE playmobil! What other things did you get? Now we really need to come down again soon! The kids will have hours of fun playing together!! Playmobil is well worth what you pay for it!!

Aaron Sauer said...

I love it! For Christmas, we gave Andrew the Ark and my mom gave him the camper. They are so detailed! I love your last picture!

Naomi Smith said...

we too, are playmobil addicts! we still have some of Joshua's from 30 years ago!