Sunday, January 18, 2009

Speed Blog

Jaden's 7th birthday on Christmas Eve

Every Christmas I buy the girls an ornament for them to take with them-this year I got Livy ice skates.

The boys really excited about their gift.

Christmas Eve at Uncle Paul and Aunt Judi's

I am so behind!!!! I have no excuse except the business of life-and you know when you get behind on something you put of catching up. But, since I use this blog for my own journaling purposes it is torturing me to be behind. So, I'm going to "speed blog"-try to quickly recount the last month. We had a wonderful Christmas and plenty of great family time because Steve had the last two weeks of December off. On New Years Steve's parents came for a visit and we had a lot of hanging out time-and perfecting our 6 Dice skills. Steve and the kids got to take his parents to the Getty Museum, also. The kids were pretty scarred by some of the statues and paintings-it's culture, right. So far most of January has been pretty mellow; I've been spending time trying to get organized and get back into school mode-that's been a little challenging-maybe it will happen this week!

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