Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little slice of Heaven

Walking into town in Carpinteria
Nice, Jaden

Steve's rock art-he did it with all of our names

The bridge near our campsite

Surprise, you caught a shark

This past month has been extra special. It started with a trip to Oceanside for a few days to see my parents while they were vacationing there. We stayed right on the beach and had such a blast. Then this past week we went camping on the beach in Carpinteria in my cousin's RV. I'm still lamenting that it's over. It was almost the perfect vacation. My cousin Julie and her family were there for the first half of the week then the second half of the week was just our fam. We spent our time sitting on the beach, eating and then sitting on the beach some more. Steve, Jon and the kids did tons of fishing. Jaden, Steve and Christine even caught little sharks and Luke caught a Halibut. Altogether about 50 fish and right off the shore! It was truly the best family time we have had in a long time. We were able to just linger and enjoy each other-we spent most of the time on the beach but we also walked to town a few times, fed ducks, read, and watched The Office and Nacho Libre in the RV (such refined taste.) There were many times I would have liked to freeze time. I hope we can do it again soon. With our family size it is becoming the only vacation we can afford. Now it's back to real life again. Not quite back into the swing of things but getting there slowly. This Friday Steve, Christine and Drew go to Mexico for a weekend mission trip so maybe I'll catch up then. Thank you, Lord, for this crazy, wonderful life.


Naomi Smith said...

I think that Nacho Libre is most appropriately watched in an RV.
it just seems right.

also, that rock art really is FANTASTIC (talent; true talent indeed)- - did you take pictures of them all?

Mary Hartung said...

I love your new title photo. It is so sweet! We missed you guys while you were gone. Glad to have you home.

tara said...

These are such precious pictures...

Glad you had fun, that sounds wonderful! When we camp on a beach, we mean a rocky beach with a river or maybe with the bay, but it is really cold and not so sandy beaches. I would love to try out camping at your beach. :)

JR said...

What great family memories! I love Carpinteria. We used to go there every now and then and eat at a place called The Palms, where you cook your own meat. My mom actually used to live there and I attended the first half of my junior year at Carpinteria High. It was very different than Saugus High, very small town. It was a fun experience.

Kelly Sullivan said...

LOVING the new picture. Also, the rock art is incredible. Seriously, I would frame them all and have them up. The boys room would be perfect with this!!! Seriously, Steve should start publishing some kind of Martha Stewart for men equivalent. I'll be his first subscriber! Love you!

Aaron Sauer said...

Re: Rock art...Steve's got skills to pay the bills!