Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Salt of the Earth

This is a copy of a letter my gram wrote to her family and asked that it not be opened until after she died. A copy of this was put in each program at her funeral.

My brother and my boys

My brother helping my dad after the burial

All but two of her grandsons were pall bearers.

Words can't express how wonderful my dear grandma Margaret was. She was the cream of the crop, the salt of the earth. I'm so glad she was able to meet her Lord after such a full and wonderful life of 93 years. The really neat part of her going to be with the Lord was being able to see so many family at her service; and a bigger treat was that my brother was able to come from Hawaii for 3 nights. The most amazing thing about my grandma was reading her prayer journal after she died. She prayed for everyone and I mean everyone. What an example of a prayer warrior.

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brenda metro said...

Stef, her letter was so amazing. what a wonderful woman, I am sure she will be missed. I bet she was up there rejoicing at the baptisms in the family this month!